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Posted by Mike K on December 30, 2017

Via USAToday.com:

Jacob Taggart likes Star Wars: the costumes, the light-sabers, the battles.

He's a stereotypical kindergartner. Squirmy. A little shy. 

But unlike most 5-year-olds, he's lived his life with specific restrictions. He can't join his friends on the monkey bars. Or count to 10 on his fingers. Because only five of them were fully formed.

With only part of his thumb, a bit of his first finger, no middle finger and "two little nubs" on the right hand, Jacob, who lives in north Phoenix, was starting to fall behind in kindergarten, his grandmother Linda Taggart said.

Because he is right-handed, he struggles to write and can't fully participate in activities like finger painting. 

Perhaps that's why Jacob feels such a kinship with Star Wars.

After all, Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader were missing hands or limbs. Many of the characters, including Jacob's favorite — the Stormtroopers — wore suits that resembled contemporary prosthesis. 

But they were never asked what was "wrong" with their hands or if they had been eaten off. Unlike Jacob, they didn't have a rehearsed speech for when they met new friends.  

"No, (there's nothing wrong with my hand,)" he would practice with his grandma. "I was born that way." 

Jacob's life changed in a tangible way Friday. That's the day a local non-profit organization gifted him a mechanical prosthetic arm.

A Stormtrooper arm.

The pre-Christmas present left the 5-year-old speechless. In awe of his new, 100% real — but-still-fantastical looking — white and black hand.

The entire article can be read on the USA Today website.


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