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Posted by Jorge S on March 20, 2017
Funko Lottery Live at SWCO

Today Funko has announced that their Lottery for entrance into their booth at Star Wars Celebration Orlando is now live. Fans must enter their names into the Lottery in order to win a ticket with a reserved time to visit their booth to get the SWCO exclusives. There will be two time slots per day first one will be 10:15 and the second one will be 12:00. The booth will be opened to the public after the sessions if there is product available. The Lottery will be open until 12:01 AM PST April 1st winners will be notified by April 5th of the date and time slot that they can line up for the booth.   

From more information visit the Funko Blog and check out the page at SWCO for the complete details and enter the Lottery. 

Per their Blog:

Funko will be bringing several exclusive collectibles to the Show Floor and you could go home with one - or all of them! In order to streamline the process and fairly determine who will be eligible to enter the Funko booth, Star Wars Celebration is raffling off tickets and you could get a chance to get into the Funko booth and snag some Funko Exclusives – only available at Star Wars Celebration Orlando!

Participation in this process is REQUIRED in order to win a priority ticket with a reserved time to visit the Funko booth at Star Wars Celebration Orlando. The lottery process will close at 12:01 AM PST on April 1. 



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