Posted by Jorge S on March 17, 2017
New York Comic Con 2017

Today Reed Pop sent out an e-mail regarding this year's New York Comic Con in October. In the e-mail they discussed Fan Verification and ticket sales.

For ticket sales they will only be selling single day tickets for the show and going away from 3 and 4 day passes. To ensure more people have access to the tickets when they go on-sale they are planning on selling tickets on a Saturday or Sunday, which could be a very good thing not everyone can get on during the work day. 

Fan Verification is back again and will open April 19th. If you got Fan Verified last year you will not have to complete the process again. You will be sent an e-mail to confirm or edit your 2016 Verification. That is a very good thing and saves time.

The news from today is overall good I like that the Fan Verification from last year will be honored. I like hearing that they will sell tickets on a weekend instead of during the week there have been a few times I couldn't log in because I was not home. The tickets being single day only really doesn't bother me.

For more details on this head over to the NYCC page


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