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Posted by Mike K on November 07, 2017

Via Nerdist:

In 1977, the original Star Wars changed the face of movies forever. While it was George Lucas' vision that gave birth to the saga, John Williams' thrilling score of A New Hope was also instantly iconic and his musical themes have remained popular four decades later. To celebrate the 40th anniversary of the franchise, Walt Disney Records is re-releasing Williams’ music from A New Hope as a new 3LP box set.

Via StarWars.com, the Star Wars: A New Hope 40th Anniversary soundtrack will include rarely seen pictures from the production of the movie and Williams’ scoring sessions. There will also be a 48-page book with essays by film music experts Jeff Bond and Jeff Eldridge. Bond’s essay is entitled “Tuning Up a Galaxy,” while Eldridge will follow Williams’ early film work in “John Williams’ Journey to Star Wars.”

It’s kind of amazing that in the four decades since Star Wars was released, LPs not only fell from favor, they managed to have a major comeback with the last few years. As you can see in the picture above, the A side of the third LP will feature a 3D hologram experience of the Death Star. The B side of the LP will include the Star Wars 40th anniversary logo.

This box set is currently available for pre-order at the Disney Music Shop, with a retail price of $150.

Are you excited about the chance to listen to Williams’ epic score on vinyl once again? Let us know in the comment section below!


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