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Posted by Jorge S on March 03, 2017
Star Wars: Thrawn Barnes and Noble cover

Unbound Worlds a Penguin Random House site has revealed there will be three versions of Star Wars: Thrawn by Timothy Zahn available two will be exclusives and one a regular edition. Barnes and Noble will have the first exclusive and will feature a black cover with a double-sided pull-out poster. The other exclusive will be available at Del Rey booth at Star Wars Celebration Orlando featuring a wordless cover, printed end papers with chimera symbol from his Star Destroyer and a special gift to be announced later. All three are hardcover editions. The Barnes and Noble and regular version will retail for $28.99 and be available April 11th. The SWCO exclusive will be a limited edition and retail for $35.00.

For more information check out the Unbound Worlds site.

Star Wars: Thrawn - regular cover Star Wars: Thrawn - Star Wars Celebration Orlando cover Star Wars: Thrawn -  Barnes and Noble cover



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